WOW--Austin Chalk Well in Karnes County, Texas(Completion Report)

5,617 Barrel Oil Per Day

7,421,000 Cubic Feet Gas Per Day

Clint Liles

Great find, Clint! That well has produced nearly 200,000 barrels in its first 2 reported months of production. I poked around after seeing that and found another EOG Austin Chalk well in Karnes County (Kilimanjaro 101H) that produced over 360,000 barrels in its first 4 months. Amazing wells.

February was the 9th month of production (267 days) for the Kilimanjaro 101H. Total production to date: 675,000 BO and 1.2 billion CF. Average daily production in February was 1,725 BO and 4,170 MCF.

Monster well...

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