Would like to find out the status of wells

I leased out my mineral rights on 1624 acres to Lone Tree Energy for $175/acre last April

10N 64W

Sec 4: SW1/4

Sec 8: SE 1/4, W2

Sec 18: Lots 1-4, E/2, E/2W/2

10N 65W

Sec 12: S1/2

Two permits were approved on 4/17/11 according to the COGIS site. Does anyone know how I can find out the status of these wells? I tried emailing & calling EOG, but got no response.

Hello, Ms. Neese,

I own a bit of royalty interest in Weld County myself in Sec. 20 of 11N 64W. also to be operated by EOG. I think the reason you're having a hard time finding out anything from them about your well status is a news "blackout". I understand large companies use this strategy to keep competition from other landowners that they may negotiate with for favorable lease terms at a minimum. Probably, when they lift the "blackout", you'll see progress on a wide front. I'm sure legally they have to lift the news "blackout" after a time so that investors in the area can get the information they have a right to. I'm fairly new at this myself, and have tried to e-mail EOG to get answers, but to no avail. It's frustrating, I know........................................


Ron Dilks