Working interest!

We have working interest in township 1 North range 21 ECM section 14 Braver County Oklahoma!! I would appreciate any info !! At one time Cabot Corp was interesting on purching my working interest! Operator at the time was Unit Petroleum Co , Tulsa Okla well name Thorton 1-15H completion date was Nov 20 2012 !!! I understand paper work was started around April 2013 for a well in 14 !! A reply will be appreciated. ! Emily

Hey Dan…I am working this thing from your side, and would suggest what Franken should have done in his questioning, but honestly, Franken is more of a comedy writer than a Senator. Franken should have followed up with determining the dates that Sessions first spoke with Trump and became an advocate for his campaign. Then Franken should have asked if during that time frame, Sessions had any communications with any government officials from Russia. Then he should have inquired if those conversations included policy issues and discussions about our election, and other relevant topics. So…again, from Franken’s question, nothing is impossible, but it is a lot closer to impossible than possible to prove intent, which is a necessary element for perjury or fraud via concealment of material fact.


Cabot had Sec. 14 horizontally spaced on 640 acres for the Marmaton formation. Later, in 2013, they sold their interest to Chaparral Energy. The production from Marmaton wells in the area declined more rapidly than originally anticipated; therefore, development slowed. When the price of oil dropped late in 2014 activity essentially stopped. If the price of oil goes back to $100/barrel there may be more activity but overall the performance of wells in the area has been disappointing.