Wording On Mineral Deed

On the mineral deed it states the description and then says "containing 160.0 gross acres", what does the 160 refer to. A section is 640 acres, so I am not sure what this means. Does this mean the drilling must be done in this specific part of the Section in order for this owner to be paid if they find production?


The mineral deed usually will say 160 more or less and give the location of the land, like the NW 4, which means the NW 160 A. Section are usually 1 sq mile and then divide into 4 (160) tracts. Except if there are Lots and they usually have less acres.

When the minerals are spaced, it may said 640, so a well can be drilled anywhere under this property. It may entry from across the road or on the property.

Thank you, Virginia. That's kind of what I thought, but wanted to be sure.