Woods County

I own mineral rights in S29, T29N, R15W on about 40 acres and in S31, T29N, R16W on about 40 acres. Inheritied my mother’s and aunt’s interests after their deaths. The S29 land is producing royalties from at least two wells (Isenbart 2915 I-29H and Isenbart 1-29). I’m interested in an approximate market value. I’m hoping someone can provide information that will assist me in making an informed decision.

Also, have mineral interests on lands with producing wells (Devon Energy) in Wise County, TX and on lands leased (but not yet producing) in McClain County, OK. Is there an advantage in retaining a Minerals Auction company to handle these potential sales??

The “fair” value is “a willing and informed seller under no compulsion to sell and a willing and informed buyer under no compulsion to buy agreeing to a price.” The value will depend upon the perceived value of the reservoirs, product price at the time of sale and other relevant factors. Getting offers from several mineral buyers gives you a range of options. NEVER hand over a deed (or lease) without getting paid at the handover.

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