Woodford Shale articles and maps


Creating a new topic in which to paste relevant Woodford Shale articles, presentations, etc.

This one is a bit older, but has excellent maps and overall concept. http://groundwork.iogcc.ok.gov/sites/default/files/Woodford_Keller_v2.pdf

https://www.eia.gov/oil_gas/rpd/shaleusa7.pdf (USGS-2011) Anadarko Basin Woodford

https://www.eia.gov/oil_gas/rpd/shaleusa6.pdf (USGS-2011) Arkoma Basin Woodford

https://www.eia.gov/oil_gas/rpd/shaleusa8.pdf (USGS-2011) Ardmore Basin Woodford


Do you have any similar analysis of the Sycamore exploration in the SCOOP?



See if this link will open or if it is private. Drew Thomas gave an excellent talk in 2017 at a Mid Continent meeting. The meeting was public, but not sure the slides are. I am a member and went to the meeting so have access. The talk was called Discoveries from the Updip Expansion of the SCOOP Play and is all about the Sycamore.


Here is a very good recent thesis about the Woodford in Grady county by Brian Castro out of OU. The file is too big to upload here, but the link should work.

sycamore structure map oklahoma - Google Search…0…1c…64.psy-ab…0.2.142…0.5BBotvF1wWg



Good 2012 article on the Anadarko Basin. Note that this is before the explosion of horizontal drilling. Has excellent regional maps of the various horizons. By John Mitchell with SM Energy Co March 2012.


Thanks much! Just wondering if there is planned development southwest of Casillas’ idea of the Sycamore/Mississippian trend.


John, what townships and ranges for the Casillas question?


I’m in sections 9&10, 2N4W. Marathon just drilled a Springer and several Woodford wells in sects 3&34. Have not seen any test results yet.


I think we may be a little southwest of Cassillus’ idea of Sycamore.


You might try looking up the investor presentations for Casillas and for Continental Resources. They may post the maps.