Wondering what average time from drilling to royalty check is

Have property in Williams County, ND. Drilling Started in January 2011. Does anyone have an average length of time it takes to start seeing royalty check?

Janelle: It is hard to accurately predict the length of time to expect a royalty check. If the well takes 2 to 3 months to drill, then how long before the fracking takes place. Sometimes a well is not fracked for months due to the backlog in the franking services. In my opinion, a royalty check could take over a year to receive after drilling operations begin.

Our well in Williams was spudded this year at the end of April. It became a producer in mid-July and a pumping unit was installed in mid August. We received our first royalty check four days ago, it covered the months of Jul, Aug and Sep. Checks in the future will be for one months production, but two months in arrears.