Wondering about new drilling in Montrail County

I am wondering about a new well that looks to be located in T157 R94 Sec 14 or 23. Does anyone have information about this well? I have a small interest in the 1280 grouping that includes these two sections? I have thought about selling my interest but probably will hang on to it if this new well would effect my interest. Thanks

I think the 1102 in the name denotes sections 11 and 2 and that just the wellhead will be in section 14. The oil will be drained from sections 11,2 and the owners there will receive the royalty. The three wells in the spacing just south of you have done alot better although still not great. I won't tell you not to sell but you should keep in mind that the buyer is only going to pay a percentage of what he thinks the current wells will pay over time, to assure his profit, he might pay you 1/3 of what you might receive in royalty over time, probably less. Any future wells will be free to him. Just saying.