Wolfcamp production

What is the average life and production from a Wolfcamp horizontal well in central Winkler County? Wells are two miles horizontally and at a depth of 12000 ft.

I doubt there’s a meaningful anwer to you question with nothing to go by but…Wolfcamp, two mile lateral and central Winkler County. Trying to come up with a type curve would take a lot more specifics.

The link below is to a marketing presentation covering acreage Chevron was trying to sell in southwest Winkler County back in 2021. The wells used as comparables were in the Wolfcamp “A” and 3rd Bone Springs formations. That may not correspond to the area or specific formations you are talking about but I thought you might be interested in seeing the type curves and production projections at the bottom of the 2nd page.


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Dusty, Detring sure does do a good deck. No doubt.

If we are really talking Central Winkler Cty then thats a whole different animal from that Detring presentation, which grossly overstates (I mean it IS a sales deck) the potential in SW Winkler County (i.e. in the Delaware Basin). SW Winkler is pretty good but it’s not all 1.2MMBOE wells or whatever.

In Central Winkler you are down to a much smaller subset of Boyd McWilliams or Formentera operated Wolfcamp wells on the platform. Those are much less good. They also sure as heck aren’t 12000’ deep.

So, yeah, maybe some legals would be helpful.


I put together this graph with some data I had. (pulled from the railroad commission)

I found some additional information as well. Not specific to Winkler but discusses production rates and decline curves for Wolfcamp producing wells. I tried to include the direct links but the post does not allow it. Just type in the words below, they’ll take you to the sources. Hope this helps.


“Optimizing initial oil production of horizontal Wolfcamp wells utilizing data analytics Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology”

"The Wolfcamp play has been key to Permian Basin oil and natural gas production growth "