Wishing To Sell 1/8th Interest

Hi, we're looking to sell a 1/8th interest in a quarter of Section 17 Kingfisher. Any ideas on who's buying in the area? We've received a couple offers over the past couple of years, and would like to make sure we're getting fair value for our interest. Any help would be much appreciated.

There are many section 17s in Kingfisher. You need the Township and Range to complete the "address". The offers will range widely depending upon the location. Your "fair" value needs to take into account both the current wells on the property, if any, plus the value of any future production. Most offers will only include the first and hope you don't know about the second part.

Hi Dave. I work for a company that is currently interested Kingfisher County mineral interest. If you would like to discuss selling your interest or are looking for more information on the value of your minerals. Please feel free to send me a message.