Wind and Mineral

Hi all,

First post; I think I have this right in that "wind farm" royalties/lease go to land owners and mineral right owners don't have a stake in the process? Forgive my ignorance but I thought any type of resource recovered above or below would belong to that as well. Or is it akin to timber rights?

Also, I have interests in (09-8N-9W) if anyone knows anything happening around there.


H. Rowe

If an owner owns both the surface and the mineral rights below the surface, then that is considered "fee simple". However, over the generations, many owners severed their surface rights from their minerals rights and different owners own each one. My understanding is that Wind is above the ground and goes with the surface and mineral owners have no say so. Mineral rights are "underneath" the surface. If the rights are severed, then mineral rights have dominance with regards to minerals and the surface owners have no say so.

Lots of leasing going on in 9-8N-9W by Hidden Mountain LLC early in the year. Mostly activity in the southern part of the township.

Sorry for responding to this so late. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and I find that you are our resident Guru. Just wanted to thank you for all your help.


Mr. H. Rowe