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I got one the other day for $500 per min acre and 1/5 royalty…did you get one?

I have property south of Hwy 97 between Floresville and Pleasanton, and the highest offer we recieved recently was $1200 an acre w/ 25% royalty.

The County Clerks office is packed with landmen. Marathon is one of the biggest players in Western Wilson County right now. My dad also stated that there are some land owners North of 97 who are being contacted about having thier land leased.

We are in northeastern Wilson county, we leased with Wexco for 600 per ac with 25%, 1200 would have been great.

My land, located in western Wilson County, at the Atasaosa County line, South of hwy 97 has been released and is now available for futher oil and gas leasing. I have 200 acres and my neighbors [ in the same situation] have an additional 420 acres, making a total of 620 acres, with a possibility of more. Are any companies currently leasing in this area?


any leasing in or arond stockdale tx near hwy87 and 123

i think we have mineral interest or mineral rights in wilson county, we think it is off 2nd street between west st and main street close to hwy 87, how do we find out if we as heirs still own approx 4 acres mineral interest and where it is, i live in another city, will the people at the courthouse tell me who owns the mineral interest along 2nd street, it is close to were the housing project is at 2nd and west st. the family heir name was Newman, or Wade family name, does anyone on this wilson county site remember that name, it was close to Ms Dickeys land and was bought from ms haskell in 1926, any clues would be greatly appreciated, also in 1966 the city of stockdale did a eminent domain for fee title fee interest for 1.7 acres, i think the total acres was 4 acres so there is maybe 2 1/2 acres left.

We have 234 acres in Koscuisko leased to Hunt Oil. 80 acres was pooled into a well. Hunt let the option for years 4& 5 lapse on the 80 acres. We are interested in leasing those 80 acres now with the remaining acreage available in Feb 2014. Hunt realized their mistake and have been calling us but we want to see if there are bother options.

Correct me if I miss understood, but the 80 acres that you are wanting to lease, appears to be HBP (held by production) so is not available to lease.

German - No, not held by production. No production ever, since initial status in July 10, all water -- never a oil or gas producing well. Hunt failed to exercise option for years 4 and 5, so our Tract is now being eliminated from the Pooled unit. Both Hunt and Denali Oil Companies have been advised of "relinquished rights" (failed to pay for Option years) to the pooled acreage -- we are seeking new bidders on the 80 acres, Surrounding tracts (800 acres) will be available for re-lease in 20 months assuming continued non-production – can’t hold in the pool if you don’t make a product over 5 years. Unit is in real danger of abandonment with very limited activity over last 6 months; Jack does not move and very limited visits by Oil companies.

Our family has 150 acres SE of Floresville in Karnes Co School Survey. Received an offer from one company for a top lease for one expiring in 2013. From reviewing msgs, it seems better to wait for other offers. The royalty figure of 3/16 seems low to me.

I would like to lease my 22 acres just SE of Floresville. Where do I start? Any information would be appreciated. THANK YOU

I own surface and 99% of mineral rights on the north side of FM 1107 about 2.5 miles east of Stockdale. i would like to know if there has been any leasing activity in the area anyone is aware of. I have heard many rumors but nothing definate. Thanks.

Have 100 acres on hwy to Nixon off Hwy 123 and wonder if there is activity anyone is aware of that might spark any leasing interest. Cant seem to find any specific info.

I am looking for some information about drilling. I understand my neighbors have leased their property. If drilling begins how close to my property can they be without buying my minerals?Thanks for the information.

What going on in the Denhawken area. I have airplane flying around my place oil people looking too. I has hear that six or seven drilling rig in the next four month. Anybody have any infor. Thank

What is the criteria for an operator to HBP??

Jess, Mostly depends on what the lease says. It the lease says it is in effect as long as it produces in paying quantities, you need to look to see if the well can be operated profitably.

Wade: Thank you for your advise.