Wilson County, TX Drilling

Is there any news about more drilling in Wilson County, particularly around the Kosciusko area? Thanks.


Blaise, you can go to the Texas railroad commission web site and look up the drilling permit applications. Once at the site go to the links and select oil and gas well records. then on next page select drilling under the Data and Stats. Next select Drilling Permits Application Query. After that select the county on top right. Skip everything else and go down the the bottom and select the date ranges you want and submit. You will then get a list of any applications. Select the Lease name you want and it will give you the distance and direction from nearest town. There is a small icon after the API # and it will give you a map showing the location and you can play around with the zoom to better orientate yourself to the location. Not sure if you wanted this much info.or if its what your looking for but thought it would pass it along.