Wilson County Mineral Rights

My wife discovered a mineral rights document for Wilson County owned by her late grandfather. Is it of any value? Thanks for any advice.

2,637.76 acres of land, more or less, situated in the M. J. Hernandez Survey, A-129, J. J. Berban Survey, A-42, L. Manchaca Grant, A-18, M. Cavillo Survey, A-6, M. D. Oliver Survey, A-246, F. Mendiola Survey, A-205, B. Duran Survey, A-91, D. I. Holt Survey, A-131, A. Flores Survey, A-104, M. Cavillo, A-5 and the D. Murphree Survey, A-219, Wilson County, Texas, being the same land more particularly described in that certain deed dated April 10, 1934, from H. M. McMullen to Charles J. Sejnoha, recorded in Volume 179, Page 378 of the Deed Records of Wilson County, Texas.

I moved this over to Wilson Co. Tx for you.

H.M. McMullin was a snake. Bought up oil and gas leases in south Texas but it also conveyed the royalties to him. He screwed a lot of people. It is now the Red Crest Trust. I can’t see HM selling anything. But maybe y’all are one of the lucky ones

Ms. Barnes - any suggestions selling mineral rights. Have no idea if it is worthless or not. Thanks so much.

Our family doesn’t sell, so can’t help you on that front. We do not own much in Texas and none in that county, so have no knowledge of the area.

Hemingway - Welcome! Wilson Co TX is SE of San Antonio. Those abstracts are just south of Floresville on the north side of Poth.

If you go to the TX RRC mapping web page here you’ll be able to zero in on Wilson Co. Scroll down to zoom in on the area. Once you zoom in, the wells will start showing up, as will the name of the surveys / abstracts. You’ll see that there is an old oil field in that area. It looks like most of the wells are plugged. A few miles south of the area is the start of the most prolific part of the Eagle Ford Shale.

I’d say minerals there are valuable. But if your family has never received royalties from the oil production over the years, then based on German_American’s post, your grandfather might have been swindled.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the info.