Williston ND - Bakken Shale

We inherited mineral rights to land my Dad owned in Williams County ND.

We are interested in selling.

If we sell, how much can we expect to get, and who do we sell it to?

20 acres has active wells that we have been receiving royalties from since 1985.

The other 60 acres is in the bakkens area, has verticlewells, but not pumping yet.

Township 153 North

Range 102 West of the 5'th P.M.


Section 13: Farm Unit # 313 of the Buford-Trenton Irrigation Project.

Also, there was something about the state of ND getting certain rights from people..

We are still receiving quarterly payments from the rights we have - does this mean that our mineral rights were not among the ones confiscated by the state?

Who should we contact to see what we can get for these mineral rights?


Ron H


I would like to discuss your minerals. I sent you a friend request.