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I would like to hear from others in Illinois. When my husband called the Dept. of Natural Resources & talked w/the Acting Supervisor or Oil & Gas, he was told that they would "make" us sign a lease. We own our oil & gas rights. We know abt. force integration, but the amount they offered per acre was only $65 an acre & a one time pay for 3 years. This is ridiculous. First, I don't want them on my property or sitting an unsightly rig on it & the ensuing noise from all the traffic & wells pumping. Mostly I don't want the 500 or more chemicals put in these wells & the real chance they will leak & expose us & the wildlife to all that poison. We moved to the country for a different way of life. This is a heavy handed approach at dealing w/citizens. We should have some rights--it's our property. Is ownership of minerals meaningless? I have called back the lease agent that came to our property representing Keyrock Energy, LLC. He has not returned my call. When he came to my house, he wanted to talk to me about signing a lease; I guess he didn't like my answer. What dealings have any of you had w/these companies or DNR or in talking with a lawyer abt. yours rights? I would appreciate a starting point to try to stop this invasion.

Hello from Williamson Cty., Illinois. The most in debt state in the country, due to corrupt, incompetent politicians. But the subject here is fracking. We own our gas & mineral rights, which according to the DNR means nothing in Illinois. We have 44 acres. I don't want fracking on my land, I don't want an oil rig, or the traffic. I would like to secede from Illinois. What is the real reality of my situation? Why should the state use pooling when it is not for the greater good?? It is for the profit of Big Oil & Gas and the politicians. Don't we have a right to say no to bad health, chemicals, exposure to methane, heavy road traffic all day long, our water poisoned & wasted, perhaps our aquifers damaged forever. And a good chance of an earthquake happening since we are on the Albany Fault, New Madrid, & Cottage Grove Faults. Does anyone have any sense in the state of Illinois???