Williams County, North Dakota Mineral Purchase Offer

Hi , years ago we inherited 4.3 net acres Township 156 North, Range 99 West in Williams County. We were offered a chance to sell in 2011 but decided to hang on a while. Recently we received an offer to sell the mineral interests @ $12,500 an acre approx. for $54,000 Would someone have any idea if this is a fair or low ball offer for this area? Also , would we better off trying to lease and receive a royalty for a few years instead?


Thanks Harry

156N 99W is drilled up. If you were never leased, you should have been. If you give me which Section you are in, I can tell you which well(s) you should be in. You might have some royalties coming your way.

Each section had at least one well. However, I see 18 new horizontal permits in the last 999 days in that township. Depending upon your section, infill drilling is continuing. If you have no need to sell, you might want to hang on. Aren’t you in pay status for a well that was already drilled?

Phoneguy, your interest could be held in suspense because of some curative work that hasn’t been taken care of. You may want to check the title records to make sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Once that is cleared up you should be put in pay.


Thank you all for your quick responses . Its Township 156 North , Range 99 West, 5th P.M. Section 35 : SE/4 Bakken Minerals seems to have footprint nearby . As far as we know - which is not much there are currently no wells on these acres .

Its section 35 SE/4 Not currently in any pay status Thanks

Continental Resources drilled the Vandeberg 1-26H which produced from 2012 to 2016. It would have been spaced to include Sections 26 and 35. It produced a total of 111,818 bbls of oil during this time.

You are due your share of that production. If you were never leased, your share should be in suspense.

Newfield had 3 permits to drill in Sections 26 & 35, but they have since expired. I do not see any new permits near Section 35.

Thank you for that information. You have given us some avenues to pursue. We will continue to do our research. Thanks again. Harold