Williams county ND

My lease with Halcon expired last year and the company chose not to renew. Before that, they had completed the geological survey and gotten permitted. My land is in Williams County T157 R103 S15. It would be nice to get another lease bonus with hopes for a few wells. I check out the NDIC site regularly and see several companies getting active again in that area. Is it worth my time to send e-mail inquiries to those companies that are active asking if they may be interested? As always, thanks for any ideas from the group.


IMO, as long as the price of oil stays around $50, you should make 13% profit on the wells.

Hello! Existing on socializedinsecurity , I am hoping there is an agency that will go to bat for an age 83 Montana oldtimer who was taken advantage of by an ignorant ND lawyer, who deceived the ND judge into believing that a pretended in Utah 'Power of Attorney made', [and thus nonexistent and illegal 2003 'trust'] could usurp the minerals owned by the valid 1998 Utah Trust that I am the named Successor in.

Our 4th named successor sister living in Laos was hornswoggled by a landman for Cody oil and gas[who found her on the non existent in law power of attorney made Utah 2003 trust'] to put her never notarized name on the so called '2006 lease' of our 384.01 acres she didn't know anything about, believing that she acted with '2003 Utah trust authority', and never consulted with her 3 older brothers, but had the $76,803 lease bonus sent to 4th named Successor brother Jim for distribution. So anyone can see what a fouled up MESS this is!

My sister used Mom's SS money to finish off her own house while taking care of Mom until she died in 2005.

My ND-judge-made-Utah-trustee'-sister-Joy died unexpectedly the same day and place that our brother John died in Utah in July 2016, leaving only myself as oldest [and ROBBED], and our adopted brother Jim, who is now the sole named North Dakota-judge-made-living-'Utah trustee' in Joy's 'POA made [invalid in Utah] 'fake 2003 Utah trust', and thus far has declined to start fixing the MESS caused by Minot lawyer James Maxson, who omitted my name from the July 2013 mineral deed,and is thus liable for damages to myself and my kin.

Please refer this rundown to anyone able to help me regain what was stolen and given to my kin.

Larry - text to 406 748 6680, a google voice number that I haven't figured out calling and receiving calls on yet. larrywagenman@yahoo.com