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I am currently using Mike Maus in Dickinson, ND, he has been very good to work with on a complicated probate in both Williams and McKenzie Counties. He has developed a quit claim for future avoidance of probate procedures but you should discuss with him or your lawyer your situation.


Charles - thanks a mil! Gave Laura a call and found out she doesn’t actually do this but passes things like this off to Ted Seibel in ND. I have a call into him. If ANYONE else has experience in the ownership transfer process within families in Williams County I’d be appreciative of any input.

Thanks again Charles! Kris



In regards to an attorney contact, I have used Laura Christoffersen in the past. She is located in Culbertson, MT but handled my Williams County ND mineral transactions with efficiency. In your case, a “Quit Claim Deed” which is properly prepared may suffice in this transaction. I would still get advice from an attorney just to be safe.


Thanks, Bob! Got in touch with Mike and he is going to handle it. Turns out that it IS going to be as simple as I thought and MIke will make sure we don’t step in any high quality ND cows*** on the way to the Recorder’s office. Appreciate your help! Kris



You can access the NDIC website; pull up the GIS map and then find your Township/Range/Section. This map will indicate any drilling permits pending in your immediate area.


How can I find out if additional wells will be drilled near or on a current well pad?



Hi - Does anyone know if there is any drilling activity in Williams T153N R103W S21 ? I need to find out what our acreage is valued at because we are receiving some offers for leasing and I want to ensure the pricing is fair. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you



Looking at the GIS map, EOG Resources, Inc. has a well permitted for your mineral area (Hardscrabble 23-21H). Other wells already drilled in spacing units near yours. You failed to state what the terms of a new lease that you have been offered but be aware of what is currently occurring in your area. Don’t let someone come into the picture and low ball you for less than what your mineral acreage is worth. How many acres do you own in this spacing unit? This will play a major role in negotiating power.


Thank you Charles. I have done some further research and I guess I’m going to have to go back at it. XTO is a real pain, but I do have established contacts there.



You should be receiving royalties from the Williams County mineral areas. Looking at the GIS map, your area which is the Grinnell Field, has several wells (laterals) which enter your areas. Looks like XTO operates these wells and it appears they were drilled several years ago. Contact the NDIC for particulars on this matter but you definately need to pursue this matter ASAP.


I have been going through my deceased mother’s papers. I thought all our mineral rights were located in McKenzie County, but found some in Williams County:


10-154-96 and


It appears that there may be wells located there operated by XTO and Continental. I’ve been going through pure hell for months trying to get XTO to pay what they owe from McKenzie County (seems to be cleared up now) and would like to know if what we have in Williams County is worth the fight. In the 2 years I have been receiving checks, none were from Williams County and I was surprised to come across this new paperwork.


I have a partial mineral ownership in 157 north - range 101 west, section 2. I am receiving a royalty from the Stromme well that runs under my section. Can more than one well run either across or on my section? Any comment will be appreciated. Gene.


You might want to get someone to look over your lease to verify it contains a pugh clause. If it does, you might still be able to lease additional minerals.



The answer to your question is yes. An operator can and possibly will over time drill multiple wells in your spacing unit. These areas where well exists are now held by production so some operators are at the stage of adding additional wells to the unit.


If you are receiving royalties, you are now Held by Production (HBP) and your lease is not up in 2014. It will be held by the terms of the lease as long as there is production. If you are lucky, more wells will be drilled.


Thank you all for your input. I did ask for the pugh clause but I’m not sure where in the lease that I should look to confirm that. Thanks again.



Thanks for your prompt reply. Our lease originally was with PetroHunt and was sold to Halcon of whom I am currently receiving royalty payments from. The lease is up in 2014. Does that mean that it will automatically be renewed by Halcon or will it be open to other companies at that time?


M Barnes is correct and note the terms of your lease. If you had a pugh clause, there might be a chance for additional leasing but if not, you most likely are HBP.



http://www.landmen.net/ClausesForms/ClausesForms.htm look at the wording for the vertical and horizontal Pugh clauses and see if you have one. I put depth clauses in my leases (vertical Pugh clause) , so am able to lease again in certain areas even if held by shallower production. Also depends upon the size of the spacing. Check for spacing units to see if you are held by section next to you.


Im new to this site but was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the pyramid 15-22 wells