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Spencer -

There is activity in the area now. What section are your rights in?


does anyone have a reasonable attorney in ND (williams county issue) having to do with title and probate / mineral rights issues.




Our family is using Bruce Selinger in Dickinson, ND. He is during our family bypass probate for us. It involves Williams Co as well as others there in ND. Here is his phone # if you would like to call him. 701 ■■■■. He is in with other attorneys.


Can anyone explain to me what the term “oil run” means when referring to a well which is still on the confidential list but has had so many oil runs since it was drilled.
Thank You



The term “oil run” refers to the production of oil during a specified period of time ; if applicable, where oil is put in pipeline for sale. A run ticket is generated from a lease into a connecting pipeline or transportation mode. This ticket is usually made out in triplicate by the gauger and witnessed usually by the pumper of the lease. These tickets, which are invoices for the oil delivered shows the opening and closing gauge, API gravity and temperature. Production run info is allowed during the confidential period of a well along with the operator name, well name, location spacing or drilling unit description, spud date, and rig contractor. All other info is held confidential for a 6 mo. period.


Can anyone shed some light on what is happening in the Oliver field. How many wells drilled? IPs? How many more wells planned? Spacing? There doesnt seem to be much information on the Oliver field. Thank You



Oliver Field has 10 active wells, 9 wells in confidential status and 1 well indicates "pns…not sure what that means. Go to North Dakota Industrial Commission website, click on “Well Search” (left hand side of page); scroll to Oliver Field. Not sure about the IPs or future well plans.


Anyone know know what’s happening up around Zahl in NW Williams County? Are there any wells going in?



Can someone please answer this question for me. When a company says that a well has been released from tight hole status, doe that mean that it is affectively off the confidential list. The case in point is My property which has he Cass I-9H well on it @ 157N 98w sec 9 has just been released from tight hole status, yet I see no initial IP figures. Thanks for your help




The Cass 1-9H has come off the confidential well list but looking at the current status, the well shows “dlr” instead of an IP figure. This indicates that work is still being conducted on the well, possibly fracking, etc. Many of the wells coming off confidential are in this same situation possibly due to availability of equipment.


Hello All…Question: My Mother and her sister share 100% of the mineral rights for two wells P.peterson 155-99-2-15-22-15h &15H3. We received letters from Diamond Resourses stating there well deed problems with a division order requirement concerning both my Mom and Aunt and another requirement only concerning my Mom. The letter states that payment of proceeds from production will be withheld until these requirement are met. We hired an attorney to address these requirements and I’m quite sure that will get taken care of. HOWEVER Kodiak Oil & Gas is the oil company holding the proceeds…now for some reason my Mom has received some checks from Kodiak but they do not seem to be large enough to be paying for the oil and they do not say WHAT these checks are FOR!!! It was my understanding that checks for oil production state the number of barrels produced in what time period etc. Can someone tell me if that IS the case and perhaps speculate on what these checks we’re getting might be for if not oil production??? Thank You! Daren Theige


That’s the way this mineral owner business is. The operator usually is too busy to return calls and the information we have is months behind. I think it’s likely that things will be back to normal or maybe better when we can see next months figures. I know it’s not easy but hang in there Bob. From another Bob.


Iam a mineral rights holder in property located @157N 98W sec 9 of the Oliver field in Williams County operated by CLR. The well has only been in production since June of this year and figures have only been given for June, July , Aug and now Sept, My question is, June July and August were resonable production figures but then in Sept the production fell to 107 barrels per day and the well only produced for 3 days with zero runs. Can someone shed some light on why the dramatic drop in production?? I havent seen the figures for October yet as they havent been published, but I certainly hope they improve. Thank you for your time. Bob


Mr. Jones, it could be that they installed the pump in sept and they aren’t producing when they do that. I think it likely that they didn’t try to produce as much as they could in the first four days either. I think the odds are good that they are bringing the well back online slowly. I would give it another month before I became concerned. If things don’t improve there is plenty of time to become concerned as the well isn’t going anywhere. I don’t think they would have gone to the expense of putting a pump on it if they didn’t expect the well to produce far into the future.


Thank you Mr Kennedy. Obviously Iam getting worried over nothing at this point Thank you for your insight.



@Robert Alton Jones…Hello…I’m very curious as to how you obtained the production information you have on your wells. My Mother who recently passed has 1/2 ownership of mineral rights on two wells but I have absolutely NO production information about those wells. So far we have gotten no checks due to 2 requirements in the divisional order…actually typo’s of some sort in the deed that I have a lawyer working on. I’d really love to know how I could get production info on these wells. Thanks.


Mr. Theige, the P. Peterson—15H3 has produced 44,296 bbl as of Sept. The P. Peterson----------15H has produced 45,517 bbl as of sept. I have a basic subscription to the NDIC which cost $50 annually. I hope this helps.


mr. Theige

I subscribe to the basic subscription on the NDIC site. It costs $50 per year and is well worth the subscription fee. It will give you all the info yo require on your wells from the day they were first drilled until the present. Hope this helps. Also I have found this site extremely informative. They seem to have most of the answers for people like us.


Thanks to Robert, Charles and Mr. Kennedy…that’s very good news!!! It will be nice to see that first check if my math is correct…I will certainly look into getting a subscribtion to NDIC basic service. Thanks again!!!


Dean Theige

The file numbers for these two well are 20563 and 21081. Using these file numbers you can get more info on the NDIC website: https://www.dmr.nd.gov/oilgas/

To get detailed info you need to subscribe to “Basic Service” there for $50 a year. Its well worth it. Sounds like these are both good productive wells.