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Hello Mr. K

Just to recap what i am reading… www.exploreshale.org indicated the the length can be 10000 ft or 1.9 miles. last month i got a check from HALCON for $200.00 that was the royalty amount for 2 months??

I basically have to “trust” that everyone is playing fair and not fracking my field because there is NO WAY to verify what happens once the pipe turns and how far they are turning underground?



I think I’m getting Fracked over!! First I have been told by HALCON that is was Hultgren 1 or Hultgren 2 wells are where the explosion happend - I feel so sorry for the young mans family.

My question is If your/my well is being "Fracked " How do you know if the undergound fracking pipe is not pulling oil from your property line??

I have found the www.exploreshale.org site at it shows 1.9 miles the pipes can turn horizontally is that the max length? Is there a way to know if the pipes have crossed (underground) into another property line?? In other word wouldn’t it be beneficial for the oil companies to locate a well say on a field border? My wells are located in Leonard Field. Thanks for reading my questions

Sarah Hultgren


Sarah, they do plot the course of the wellbore, there is a survey after the well is drilled. They know where the pipe is. If you think they drilled the lateral double length, it would have taken twice as long or more to drill. It might give you peace of mind to get the basic subscription to the NDIC O&G Division so you can look in the well files that the state keeps. The basic subscription is $50 per year.


thank for the info that is just what I wanted to know. As long as there is a survey done. Then I believe it to be on the Up and Up.




I’m curious as to the market value of mineral rights in the area of: Township 154 North, Range 95 West of the 5th P.M. Section 6: SE4SW4, SW4SE4 Section 7: E2NW4

Roust 34X-7G and Farm 44X-07 are in production. I’d appreciate any knowledge or advice.

Thank you.


Excellent, thank you for your opinion RW. I appreciate you taking the time to share and educate.


Alan, the wells drilled by XTO are fair to middling. I would have expected better from that area but in a quick look I did not see any other operators with comparable wells. I don’t think those acres are going to bring top dollar offers. While the value between oil companies may range $25,000 up, I don;t think you will receive offers over $5,000 and I doubt they would stay interested if you wanted to negotiate north of $6,000. It’s oil and gas and every pro expects to make a killing on every deal.


Is the reason XTO wells are fair to middling due to the area or XTO? I had wells run by Dunbury which were paying out very well. XTO bought them out and the payouts instantly dropped by more than 50%. Did the wells suddenly slow or is it the fault of XTO?


As RW said I concur. But would add since they’re non-operated and perhaps small relative to the $25k an acre deals out there, they’d bring less. You could put them on energynet.com and find out for sure.


Janie, I was commenting on production alone which I believe is largely related to how the completion was done, with more frack stages being better, sometimes higher pressure involved and certainly in the Bakken the use of the more expensive proppant.

Janie, your issue if they did not suddenly reduce production by half, easily checked on your check stubs, I would investigate whether XTO was selling your oil to an affiliate at a lowball price. There may still be nothing you can do about it if the terms of your lease do not forbid selling to an affiliate at below market price. If you are unleased in those wells, you should be able to do something if the amount in question is significant.


I get royalty checks on my XTO wells. I don’t know anything about the lease or the terms of those leases. This is part of some wells that my mother was getting paid on before her death and payments changed to me when probate was done. The amount in question is about 30k. Not much to some, but a lot to me.


Janie, I am sure you are trying to get copies of the lease/s. I would work at it until I had them. You should still be able to tell if production fell by half when XTO acquired your wells from check stubs.


Yes, I’m working on getting copies of the leases and will pull out Mom’s stuff tomorrow and see what is up with production - thanks again!


If a well/s have been producing average BPD, how many BPD makes it profitable for oil companies to invest in future drills on extending properties? Does the drilling of the wells, indicate enough potential revenue to risk investing in the operations of drilling? Thank you.


Janie, are you also finding Memorandum of lease? That would mean that the lese itself was not recorded and you may need a 3 trillion dollar lawyer to make the oil company cough up the lease. Why would they want you to know the terms of the lease? They can do anything they want since you don’t have a copy. I would expend every effort to find the lease aside from the oil company, but ask them too, sometimes someone has a great day and in their happiness is accidentally helpful.


Just got Royalty Deeds for some property in Williams County. Township 154, Range 96, Section 10, 13 and 15. If I understand the search on NDIC property, XTO does have an operating well there. Do I simply contact them and let them know about my Deed? I have been dealing with XTO in McKenzie County and they are very difficult. They will not provide me copies of any leases so I feel in the dark about what is going on. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Janie, if they are old leases but not over 25 years old, they may be found on the NDRIN Recorders Network. $25 a months subscription so find what you need and cancel before the month runs out. They take credit cards. If it’s a pretty fresh lease only a couple years old, they probably recorded a memorandum of lease to keep the details secret and a memo will do you little good as you already know there is a lease. It may be worth a try.


I have gotten my subscription. I have found lease extensions, but not the actual leases and the lease extensions don’t specify a date for how long they are. It seems odd to me.


EPL, if that housing is anywhere near Williston then you are not being honest. This is a forum for mineral and royalty owners, not a platform for your political partisan agendas.


I recently received a check from XTO Energy for wells I did not even know we were a part of. XTO has been very difficult to deal with so I don’t really trust that I received what is coming to us. How do I know that they are paying the proper percentages and that what they are taking out for expenses is correct. Our family has never signed a lease or been approached with division orders for this parcel.