Williams County Help Understanding

I am trying to help my mother in law here. Just found out that she signed a lease 3 years ago at $300 per acre, doesnt know that royalty percent.

Her mineral rights are for 130 acres in township 154 range 102 section26 and 103section 14

I found a map of this and there are no wells in these pools. I see a ton of wells about 40 miles east. Is this just a timing thing? Are they drilling where there is more oil first?

Here lease is up in two years and from what I read she should negotiate a higher rate.

There are lots of wells in this area, I don't see any permits for those sections but this area is heating up. I'd try to negotiate a new lease in two years but my guess would be that it gets drilled before then. Good luck.

It looks like Zenenergy has you spaced with a permit to drill in 154-102-14. That doesn't guarantee drilling, but companies don't like leasing the same ground twice at the escalating rates of today. I think it likely you will be drilled if you have 2 years left on the lease. I hope that not all of the acres were on one lease where one well on a lesser part could hold all of the acres by production.