Williams county activity

Hi all! This is my first post on here. My family has mineral rights for about 400 acres in williams county near Alamo. Township 159 N Range 99 west, 5th p.m. Section 9: S2, NW 4. It has been leased for the past 6 years. The most current lease ended in March and we have not received any more leasing offers. Does anyone know if there is any activity in that area still or why we haven’t received anymore lease offers?

Thanks in advance! Tara

Baytex has a well just north of you, Continental has a well a couple miles south of you. Continental is not my favorite operator but their wells in your area seem to be much better producers. I would lease to Continental and not Baytex, no matter if Baytex offered a slightly higher royalty because a slightly higher royalty will not make up for a well that produces 1/3 less oil. Likely Continental would match or their offer would be superior to Baytex's offer anyway. I hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your advice! I will keep it in mind if we get anymore lease offers, so far no one has contacted us since the lease expired. How do I find out what the wells near us are producing?