Will they drill? What do I do?

I am new to this world of oil & gas! I recently inherited surface & mineral rights from my parents who passed away. Located T1N BLK 34 SEC 11 A-388 I have been receiving HUGE offers so did some checking. I know a permit was pulled in June map at trc show 3 bore paths & 5 well holes (I think) under the permit on the land. I think did a seismic survey at least my mom was paid for one about 2 yrs ago. What are the chances they will actually drill? Chances of hitting oil with survey? Should I consider ORRI (trying to understand this one) Very old lease & currently HBP. Thank you for any help/suggestions you can give me!!!

Nikki - You should probably keep them. SM Energy is drilling 5 horizontal wells that include your tract. It looks like only 3 well bores because some are stacked on top of others. Your offers are probably not even close to what your minerals are worth.

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Howard County A-388/Section 11/Block 34 T1N

Good morning Nikki. From what information I can gather from the Tx RR Commission website there are 5 approved permits for SM Energy to drill from a pad in Section 1 and ending in Section 11. Listed below are the spud dates(begin drilling) on these 5 wells

Well 39169/spud date-8/12/2017

Well 39170/spud date-8/10/2017

well 39171/spud date-8/03/2017

well 39172/spud date-8/11/2017

well 39173/spud date-8/05/2017

Link to approved drilling permit for well 39169:


GIS map of Howard County A-388/Section 11/Block 34 T1N:


Clint Liles

Nikki, You did not say how much you and your family own in Section 11. If your lands are held by an old lease, there is not much for you to do at this time. I suspect you are getting offers to sell your mineral interest. I get multiple offers each month to sell my minerals. I have never regretted declining the offers. Minerals don't cost anything to own other than the county tax bill each year. Since you said you recently inherited this interest, you need to contact the current operator of your production to get the payments changed over to you. You also need to make sure you get the tax bills, which normally come out this month each year. The county does not really care if they have the right person or address. They will just add on penalties and interest if it does not get paid on time.

Nikki this link is to production numbers on a well(227-38350/Lease # 44968) nearby Section 11. These are very impressive production numbers///a very good well. I will echo Marcus T suggestion to keep these minerals. They are in a fantastic area of Howard County.

You can manipulate the production begin date back to Oct. 2013 to view all production on this well.


This link is to Completion Report on well 227-38350:

1,409 barrel oil per day/918,000 cubic feet gas per day


Clint Liles

Awesome thank you!

thank you we have already done all that! We own 1/3 of a lil over 300 acres undivided with mineral rights

Great information! Thank you!