WildHorse Lease just north of Lake Somerville

The WildHorse BCMT A 1H Unit Lease (~ 540 acres) appears to be stalled after 2 years - does anyone have an update? Perhaps delayed due to purchase of WH by Chesapeake? We have adjacent property so have been following with close interest.

It’s my understanding a big Patterson walking rig that recently finished drilling three wells in Washington County was moved back to Burleson County, which I think is where Wildhorse had been using it previously. Supposedly it was being set up on a site somewhere south of Caldwell.

As you probably know, the permit for the BCMT A 1H shows the well was spudded and surface casing was set on it in June, 2017, which indicates the pad was finished and a truck mounted portable rig was used to do that initial work.

In earlier posts in this section C.Mc talked about a pad Wildhorse had completed in Burleson County Abstract 106 prior to Chesapeake’s takeover. They had built the pad and staked a location but never filed a permit for the well. Recently they came back and drilled a water well there so activity could be restarting there. If the location you are talking about has a pad built and surface casing in place I’d guess a rig will be headed that way at some point but I don’t know how many others Chesapeake might also have in that status.

BCMT A 1H was a somewhat disappointing well. It IP’d at 500 BOE and is not economical. The gas cut is high and does not justify more drilling. Other wells in the area on trend have been similar. It has been producing since July of 2017 and has reported production every month until now. It is currently flowing less than 80 barrels a day and 250 mcf per day. It is one of the Lowest oil cut and EUR wells in Wildhorse’s Burleson inventory. I would not expect any development in the near term.