Wiener 1H Unit located in the Deadwood Area ofPanola county

my siblings and i signed a production sharing agreement back on 5/18/2017 and recently one sibling has recd division orders. we have been told our monies are being held due to questions about my deceased mothers name. my question is can anyone tell me when the drilling started on this unit.

Hello the full name of the Wiener well 'WienerCV(Cotton Valley) 1H? If so then the begin drill date(spud date was 09/10/2017


Link to Completion Report on Weiner CV 1H:

12,403,000 cubic feet gas per day

Clint Liles

clint - you are the man. good talking with you again and as always so helpful. i may be back at a later date to chat about some of the oddities my sister-in-law says are requested along with division orders. i am so ignorant to this whole thing and it helps to know there is hope alive with a gentleman named clint. hey are we going to get rich?

Mary,,,,,,don't know about gettin rich but the 1st check should be a very goodun...and that depends on your mineral percentage and how many acres you have in this unit.....and there will possibly be more wells drilled in this unit/lease.


I find no Production Data at this time.

Congratulations on this very good gas well.

Clint Liles

thanks again clint!