Wickel Wells



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Not sure what information you are looking for. If you can tell me where your mineral interest is located I may be able to figure out if you are included in one of the units Geosouthern formed for the three Wickel wells. The Gary Wickel unit includes 640 acres.
You may already know that Geosouthern got permits to drill three wells, all called Wickel, from that same pad they built next to Wickel Road in the McIntyre Survey. What they’ve filed so far with the Railroad Commission says they spudded all three of those wells in January, the Kirby Wickel on 1/20, Gary on 1/21 and Milton on 1/23. I’ve only seen one rig set up on that pad so I’m assuming Geosouther used the same small rig to drill the initial vertical holes, down maybe 2,000 feet and set the surface casing for each of those wells, and then moved in a big rig to drill the remainder of the vertical and horizontal distance for at least one of the three wells. I don’t know if that first one was the Gary Wickel or one of the others.
Although it looks llike they have finished drilling at least one of those wells it’s possible they haven’t fracked or completed it yet and may be waiting until they finish drilling the other two so they can all be fracked at the same time. Geosouthern hasn’t filed a completion report of any of them yet.


Thanks for the info. I have some land on 2502 near Skylar Kramer Road. It appears that GeoSouthern is active, and they have more wells planned. I am anxious to hear of any further GeoSouthern activity. Thanks so much!


Debbie, it looks like the proposed Geosouthern well you are closest to is one called the Whitener instead of the Wickel wells you mentioned. GS has permits to drill four wells from a big pad they’ve built on the north side of 2502 about a mile closer to 290. Each well is in a separate 600+ acre unit. The permit for the one called the Whitener shows the horizontal leg extending into a 116 acre tract owned by Zuehlke or Lehrmann that may be on the other side of Sklar Kramer Road from your place.

Geosouthern only has one rig drilling in Washington County and for several weeks they’ve had it drilling off Old Mill Creek Road. When those wells are finished they have two other large drill sites finished, in addition to the one on 2502, that the rig could move to so it’s hard to know when they might get started there.

Here is RRC’s map of that area in case you haven’t seen it.


Thanks for the info., Dusty. There is much going on in the area, but it also moving slowly.