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Hi there! My family has just inherited 3 mineral rights properties in this county. Is there anything going on there as far as mining or oil in this area?

Good morning Roy,

Do you have the Abstract and Section number of the mineral properties in question?

Clint Liles

I can get them and get back to you. I wasn't sure where to start with this, as my aunt and uncle have been handling the details with a lawyer. I will post when I get the info from my Mom. Thanks for the response!

Clint, I'm trying to get my Mom on here so she can ask/answer questions. I'm always busy at work and I don't have the info with me. You and others on here should hear from her soon, she will just be using my login if nobody objects.


That will be fine if your Mom want to use your login. And Welcome to Mineral Rights Forum. Lots of nice mineral/royalty/surface owners here to try to help her with her questions. We welcome her and your posts to the Forum.

Clint Liles

Clint,Thank you so much for the welcome. I just showed Mom how to get on here using my bookmark. She will meet with my Uncle and put some questions together and post them.

I'm trying to find out what the leasing rates are in Wichita County. A new company, SLANT Energy, wants to lease 374.62 acres of the old Munger Farms Land. Tract 1 is 140.80 acres (lots 9,10,11,12 in Block 24) and

Tract II is 233.82 acres (Part of Block 31)

The are talking of stripper wells, since these are old, established wells (5-10 BOPD)

Thanks for your help - I Iive in Alabama and have no idea what's happening in Texas except for what I read in the Mineral Rights Forum!

Well, my Mom finally got a check from Urban Oil. I'm going to get the paperwork that came with it so I can start asking questions from you nice folks. Mostly, with Trump pushing for more fossil fuel energy, will oil drilling pick up in Texas?

When I have new questions, should I click Add A Discussion so I don't get in the middle of Rena's? Is that how this works?

Yes Roy…that Will be OK. Clint Liles

Well, so far my Uncle's lawyer has answered all of their questions. The checks have been coming every month so I guess things are in order. I just thought I should follow up on my comments.

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