Why Was Probate Filed on Grandfather's 1964 Estate by Veritas in Midland County?

My grandfather-in-law’s will was probated in 1964 in Dallas, Texas.

Texas file.com has a new statewide search feature, so I thought I would check it out. Much to my surprise, up popped a filing in January of 2015 of the probate filing from his will from Dallas in Midland County, grantee 'the public." It was recorded for approximately $150 in fees by a company called Veritas 321 Energy.

So I looked further. His wife’s probate from 1964 was filed in February 2015 in Midland County. By the same company.

Should I be suspicious? Why would an unrelated party file a probate? There is no sale that I know of, and I should, because the mineral interests from both are mine.

Feedback appreciated.


Veritas acts as land agent for various companies, from right-of-ways to leasing. It also provides title curative work. Presumably you have mineral interests in Midland County. For your title to be clear, the probate must be filed in Midland County. If you own mineral in other Texas counties, you need to record the probate there as well to ensure clear title. This is also an advantage that anyone pulling title can find your address to contact you for leasing. I do not know why Veritas did the work and paid the fees to file the probate records. If your minerals are under lease, then maybe the oil company had Veritas work on the title. It does seem odd that they would file without contacting you. You should call and ask for an explanation - here is website: http://veritas321.com.

Thank you for your response. I will contact Veritas. I am pretty sure all my minerals are under lease/hbp in Midland County.


Veritas could not have been nicer. Apparently XTO bought 50 sections of Endeavor's holding in Midland County, and did some curative title work. XTO apparently has an aggressive development program, and is or will be drilling Midkiff 38 and 48.