Why the site redo?


Why has everything changed again? Before, I could do a quick scroll to find Reeves County threads. Now the county is listed in small print underneath the thread title and it’s 10 times harder to find in a quick scroll. How is this better? What is the point?


Nothing has changed recently.

The best place to learn to use this site is by reading under the Get Started Link at the top.


I’m not talking about the redo some months ago. I’m talking about a change in the last couple of days. There’s maybe a different font and a slightly different layout that makes it harder to scan for county threads. Something’s different anyway! Thanks.


Thank you, thank you, for returning the site to it’s previous layout! So much easier to see the category.:grin:

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Some of the controls, like this one, are probably in place to control spammers. I have seen plenty of forums like Yahoo that get taken over by spammers posting the same types of ads dozens of times.

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