Why no oil/gas leasing activity

I read your comment to someone about Grady Co. What can you tell me about southern Roger Mills? My dad leased our acres there for years, receiving regular lease renewals every 3 years or so. When he died, his cousin assumed the leadership role in the farm business. Since then, no lease at all.

Im trying to learn why.

Leasing depends upon the perceived economic value of reservoirs underneath the surface. That changes over time. If you list the section, township and range, then I can look and see if there is any leasing nearby. The farm business may be separate from the mineral business. If there was a will from your dad, did he pass the minerals to heirs? Did they file the probate in Roger Mills County courthouse? If the title change is not recorded, the leasing companies cannot find the heirs.

Southern Roger Mills is deep gas conducive to vertical wells. Commodity prices are way too low for an economic return. Too much gas elsewhere to be found at a much cheaper drilling prices.

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