Why is my oil and gas production way down?


We receive royalties from two wells: Hensen Haven and Smedley, both located in McClain County. We’ve leased our mineral rights with Charter Oak since about 2007 approx.

Our monthly royalties have dramatically dropped. The last year, and in the last 6 months it is significant. We’ve called CO and asked what’s going on, but there’s essentially minimal to no communication with us. Any help with concrete info or guidance as what to do to understand this drop would mean a lot to us.

Is there a chance that a member on this forum has some inside info? Anyone else receiving royalties from these two wells?

As a side note: BP has contacted us regarding a horizontal well in the area of one of these wells-we have written about BP before in this forum. That scenario is ongoing. Today’s question though focuses on the lack of production at HH and Smedley.

The knowledge and insight amongst all of you is incredible and for those of us who are relatively new to this venture find it immensely helpful and generous that you share your skills and knowledge.

Thank you so much.

It would be better to put this question over in the McClain County Topic and put the section, township and range. Easier to answer that way so we can find where it is. I can look them up then.

I just posted - I think in the correct forum. I also included a map. Thank you for helping and for your time! We’re still so clumsy! Definitely learning.

Ask tons of questions! Best way to learn.