Why don't we own our mineral rights anymore


The oil company sent email saying we don’t own the mineral right anymore


Mae, I am a division order analyst with 40 years of experience. It was either a landman or a division order analyst who sent that email to you.

There are two possible reasons why you got that email. First, it could be that the pooled unit was re-drawn and your tract of land is now outside the pooled unit (so you aren’t entitled to any royalties from the unit well). Or, it could be that the company obtained what is called a Supplemental Title Opinion covering your tract (plus others inside the pooled unit), and the attorney now says that courthouse records show someone else owns your mineral rights. A mistake the title attorney made in his first opinion, in other words.

At the least, you can reply to that email and ask the sender to send you ONLY the pages of the attorney’s title opinion that talks about someone else owning the minerals under your land. Just remember: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If they say no, go online and get the main number for the company that sent you the email. Call and ask for "the division order analyst who handles ___ County, ____ (State). If you don’t get anywhere, keep calling every week–same day, same time–I guarantee that you will get the answers you need. It’s been that way for 40 years.


Now we got a email from Oxy saying yes we do own the minerals rights and we should get a division order soon but not 2 expect much from it sence we only one .22 acher