Why Company Wants To Buy For A "Trade Deal"?

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Why would a large Oklahoma Oil/Gas company that normally only leases property want to buy property in Garvin County to expand their holdings in certain formations? This is supposedly being done to grow their holding in certain formations at the request of a potential partner or potential "Trade Partner".

What type of "Trade Deal" might this be?

Sounds curiosity piquing. In the end though I think the only thing that matters is what price you bargain for. If you are approached, I would ask for their last best offer [to save time] and if it's less than I think the acres are worth, I would turn them down and await a further offer after which, if I were interested in selling at all, I might counter with the amount I would accept. I don't really need to know their motives. I'm not trying to market my acres but I or my brother would sell our acres if our price was met. I would entertain offers but I don't answer most because the offers are laughable.

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Take a look at the Respondents list on any OK force pooling order and you will recognize the names of many large company's on the list. They can t all be the operator but their geologists convinced management to get a position in the drilling unit so they take leases or make trades to get into the unit operating agreement.

I recently sold a parcel at a premium to a company so they could trade it to an operator that wanted it more than the buyers so the buyers could get a bigger piece of an adjacent unit they wanted to operate. Happens everyday all over the oil patch. One hand washes the other.

Gary L Hutchinson