Why am I not receiving my royalties

I was informed that I am an heir to My Great Grandmothers Mineral Rights in Grady County. Other Family Members have been receiving Royalties. I am not sure Why I have not been receiving my Royalties. I have the Legal description. Is there someone I can contact? What do I do to get more information.

There can be quite a few reasons. Has the will been probated? Was it filed in the county where your GGmother lived and also in Grady County? Was your name and address listed in the probate documents? Contact your relatives and see who the operator is and contact them.

If you post the legal section, township and range here, we can also tell you the operator and address.

Yes the will has been probated. Yes, It was filed in the county my GGmother lived. I am second generation heir. After My Grandmothers death a few years ago. Family members told me about it. I was never contacted from anyone.I have documentation that in August 17, 2017 Rebellion Energy, LLC was planning on what appears to drill a horizontal well. Cause Cd 201705526-T. I was instructed by family members to contact a Gentlemen. ( I can not recall who it was). To receive my Royalties. When I contacted him. He barely let me get my name out. Told me they decided not to drill and hung up on me. I contacted family members. Told them what happened. They informed me I should of still be getting My royalties, as the others have been receiving payment for the several years of rental. The Legal Description is Section 16 And 21,Township 7 North, Range 7 West, Grady County Oklahoma. I spoke with my Aunt not long ago . She said Several companies have Rented from the Mineral Rights. The Last one she received a check from was Apache.

Is your name and address filed in Grady county with a copy of the will? If your name is not at the county courthouse, the land men cannot find you.

16-7N-7W However, I do see your name on the pooling documents for Rebellion. 201708146. Look it up at the OCC OAP site. Was your address correct? OAP

REBELLION ENERGY, L.L.C. 5416 S. YALE, STE. 300 TULSA, OK 74135 Contact Name: GRAYSON BARNES Contact Phone: 918-382-8686. original pooling notice

They do owe you for your pooling bonus. Since you did not answer in the 20 days allowed, you were probably assigned the 1/8th royalty and the bonus that went with it. Contact Camino Natural Resources, LLC Attn: Andrew Likens 1401 17th Street, Suite 1000 Denver, CO 80202.

Tell him that you never received the pooling notice and want to claim your bonus. Send a certified return receipt mail so you know it got there. (State your name, That you were the heir of Garland Capps # 42 on the respondents list. ) You may want to send to both parties. The Holden 0707 16-21-1WH was spud in April 2019, so they are drilling the well. You need to get this straightened out so that you get the royalties. Talk to your aunt further and ask her is she is getting royalties on an active well or if she only got a pooling bonus.

21-7N-7W- I do not see your name on section 21. However, ask the same people if you are listed there because a well is drilling now into that section. Same well as above.

A couple of things. If you did not receive the inheritance directly from a your grandparent (e.g. if her child was alive at the time of her probate). Then you may need to probate your parent’s estate to correct the issue. If you did inherit directly, then an Oklahoma probate would be needed to cure the title issue. Oklahoma probates can be resolved quickly.