Who owns this property?

How can I find out the current listed owner of property and mineral rites in Pittsburg County? My wife was given (through the will of her mother - which was given to the mother from her father (my wife's grandfather). We found one piece of property that was sold. We're trying to find out if she (my wife) still owns the other property. FYI, the property is located in Sec 15-T7N-18E (40 acres), 21-T2N-R15E (50 acres), and Sec 24-T9N-R16E (40 acres)

David - I sent you a friend request so I can send you a private message. I have some information that can help you in your search. Thanks. MW

Thank you M C

Hi MC…I’m not sure if you can help me or not. I too have inherited a parcel in Pittsburgh County. I have the original signed deed as well as copies of leases from 2000. I have NO idea what the current standing of the parcel is. The leases I have are expired & I don’t think my Dad ever signed a new one.
Sec 17, 6N 13E
The last lease was for 3 yrs @ $35 per net mineral acre w/ a 3/16th royalty in the event of production. We subsequently received some small royalty checks for gas production.
Any thoughts? Or would you be able to refer me to someone who could help me?

If your Dad never signed a new lease, and they are still producing you were probably “forced pooled” into the lease. However, you would have to research that to confirm. I will get you a link to a website where you can check that out.

What’s your dads last name and first initial?

I found 2 producing wells for the Sec,Range,Township you mention.

1.VanPelt-1-17 is operated by BP America Production Company. This well is producing gas.

  1. SCHOGGINS well is operated by Tag Team Resources. There has been no production on this well since it was drilled. Probably a dry hole maybe.