Who owns these?

I am trying to find out who owns these : Tract H1, NE NE SEC 22- T04N-R04W, MCCLURE UNIT LEASE TRACTS I1 I2, W2 NW SEC 23- T04N- R04W, WARD B LEASE TRACTS I5, I6, J5, J6, NW SEC 26- T04N- R04W, JOHNSON C LEASE TRACT J1, NE NW SEC 23- T04N- R04W, WARD C LEASE TRACT I9, NW NW SEC 35- T04N- R04W, SIMS LEASE. PROPERTY NAME NE PURDY SPRINGER SAT 2, 6, 8


Kristin: What do you mean by who owns these? Who is the operator of the wells? Who owns minerals in these tracts, etc? If you are more specific the forum can probably help you. Todd M. Baker

Unfortuately this is all the info i have. I dont know what company has them or id be looking to them for assistance. Thats why im having a hard time finding out anything.

It looks like the operator for these wells is Daylight Petroleum, OCC Operator 24225. Most of these wells were started in the 1950’s.

PeteR…i think your right. Im just wondering if they bought out vitol or casillas? I dont know if these wells were previously one of theres.

Kristen, it looks like the operation was transferred from Merit Energy to Daylight in 2018. The wells have had several previous operators over the past seventy years or so and many have been plugged and abandoned. There are other wells in those sections that are operated by others, but not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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PeteR…thank you for the information. I have contacted Daylight Petro and they are the ones who have these now. So im finally getting somewhere.

Vitol is an oil purchaser & does not operate. Casillas may be going to drill additional wells

looks like my families but, Im not sure because bill collectors and such keep intercepting , i just get hints…its a puzzle.

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