Who manages my royalties?

A number of years ago I purchased 20 acres, including mineral rights, in Plantersville, Texas, from Marvin McKinney. This 20 acres was divided off of his homestead acreage.

I have since sold the surface estate, but kept the mineral rights.

How do I contact, or know who to contact, to check on my mineral reservations?

I do not know who the lease is with, if anyone.

How can I get a title or Division orders?



First, at the time you purchased these mineral rights, were they recorded with the Coutny Clerks office in the county that Plantersville is located in? If these minerals were currently leased, you should have been notified and a lease negotiated and signed. If you failed to properly record these minerals, then your name would not be recorded as the owner. I would suggest that you check out the status of this and take proper action to insure these minerals are properly recorded.


Thanks so much for your reply.

After the closing, within one week, I returned to the title company to see why no paperwork had been done on the mineral rights.

They said it should have been, and they slipped up.

They could never get the Seller of the land to come sign any more documents. I even went by to try to get him to go to the title company and sign some documents, but he would not.

Since then, the title company has closed.

That has been about 15 years ago.

Mr. McKinney is not a cooperative person.

What do you suggest I do?

Sandy Nikirk


The Deed (I paid cash for the land) was recorded stating that I purchased both the land and mineral rights.



If I were in your situation, I would seriously consider contacting an Oil and Gas attorney in order to get these records properly filed. I believe a good understanding of the State of Texas law would be needed at this point.