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Recently we were made aware of a royalty deed from 1904 that our great great grandfather had for 15 acres in Tyler County, WV (although the letter lists it as 14.6125 acres). We are still waiting on the lease to arrive but it is our understanding that there are 43 living descendants. Any idea if they divide the royalties equally between the 43 descendants or they distribute per stirpes? Also any idea of what is a reasonable offer from Antero?

Thanks in advance.

per stirpes.

I just received a call from Antero, informing me my ancestor had rights, and they are searching for all descendants. That person died in 1901…how does it happen this goes unattended that long? They gave me no idea what to do, or if they were sending me any information. Is this common? Jennifer, can you describe how yours has proceeded, did a will need to be in place and probated?

Hi Jane. We first received a letter and then some phone calls from a woman whose job it was to find everyone. Once she found us, we received a letter from a landman with a proposed lease. The letter said we had a time limit to sign the lease. They make it sound all “do it or lose it” because they just want you to accept what they offer but instead we contacted an attorney who then negotiated the lease for us. It took about ten months to finally have a signed lease in hand. As far as probating goes, for those individuals that they couldn’t find official probate documents, we signed an affidavit of heirship and that took care of it. No news on our end about them actually drilling yet but at least we have the lease in place in case that ever happens. Not sure how long that takes.

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Yes, the woman was searching for all descendants. She asked me for nothing, no address, but I assume they could get that the same as she did my phone number. When you received the proposed lease…did it state acreage and where it was? This all sounds so convoluted, except I have done my ancestry thing, and know of all these people. It was my great grandmother’s, husband’s mother who owned the lease. My grandmother was not his child, but the lady told me that inheritance still comes through regardless.


Well Stated!!!

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Yes, it listed both gross (total acres) and net mineral acres (your share) along with the location of the property which our ancestor had rights to. She even provided to us a copy of the original mineral deed from 1904. Once of the most valuable items she eventually provided to us was a copy of the family tree she had researched but it sounds like you already have that.

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Thank you so much for your concise reply and timely as well!

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Mine came…I am 1 of 748 on 63 acres. They offer $250 lease, or $500 to relinquish rights. I’m guessing relinquish.

I wouldn’t think relinquish. No longer than a 5 year lease. Not a professional but seem to see similar advise.

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I realize your comment is not professional, but thank you for any response. I haven’t got much comment which I was hoping for, and the attorney who sent the forms seemed rather curt that I was dealing with a silly amount of heirs and should jump at the money. I’m beginning to think I had no offer and knew nothing a short two months ago, on an over 100 year old lease and knew nothing about even being heir to it. Nostalgia itself leads me to think hang on to it. It comes through a dear great grandma who I’ve only recently discovered things my entire family knew nothing about. Even down to her marriages and real name. I can’t even share these facts, as all family is gone. thanks again.

My story is the exact same thing. Got my papers at the beginning of feb 2019. Looks like we are related somehow. Flanagan side. What did you end up doing? I’m looking at hiring a lawyer from that area

I’ve seen others talking to not relinquish. Best to check first.

I am undecided honestly. When in an email, I mentioned consulting an attorney as I had no understanding of it at all, the reply seemed to make it clear I had zero chance of any profit. I don’t care about any money, I knew nothing of this until December, and the best I can determine, the lease originated in the mid to late 1800s. I am most interested in finding a photo of Homer Flanagan, as I’ve never found one in all the old stuff I have from my great grandma.