Who is to get the division order?

it seems the quasi personal rep for my grandpa’s estate got the only division order and not the 3 other owners. also does a order go out for each well ? we had a well goin in july 2013 and then april 2014 so were there two orders ? my cousin thee quasi per rep has not been transparent which is why I inquire here.

The owner of record with clear title gets the Division Order. If you have a legitimate claim, contact the operating company and request getting into pay status. If the second well has the same spacing and covers the same tract, you might not get a second Division order. Some verticals can have the same decimal. If you have a long horizontal well and then another that goes over two or more sections, they may warrant a different DO according to the amount of perforations.

thanks. there were 4 co-owners. the two wells are under diff names woods & thomas in williams county ND with numbers 154 98 14 and 154 98 2 etc…so i m thinkin not the same spacing/tract perhaps ?? ,also i believe only one of the owners at the time got a divison order.