Who is my Oil Operator

My late uncle Ed acquired mineral rights in Roger Mills, OK at S2 T15N R23W in 1984. I have not been able to determine the operator as I am blocked from http://www.tax.ok.gov living in Sweden. Could anyone tell me if there is activity there and who might be the operator so I can contact them? Thanks!

Yes, there are 10 gas wells drilled from 1980-1985 and onward, it looks as they are all operated by Presidio Petroleum Company.

Contact info for Presidio Petroleum Co.


Nothing at Presidio unfortunately. Impossible to search sections from Sweden at Gross Production Also information att OK.gov states that information only can be searced from 1990 and forward.

Apache sold 1067 wells in the area to Presidio Petroleum on July 15,2019. Gross Production site and the OCC site still list Presidio as owner.

How do I find the operators and production amounts for my mineral rights? Can you send me the links? the OK tax site doesn’t seem to direct you to the right landing page. I own several in Roger Mills County but I moved a while ago and haven’t received anything from the new operators that took over and need to track it all down. Thanks so much for your help.

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