Who is leasing in 5N Range 65 West - LaSalle CO area


Anyone know who is leasing in : 5 N Range 65 West 6th PM Section 34 SW1/4 ?
Finally after 9 yrs got the mineral rights straightened out but not sure who to contact for leasing.
What is the leasing price/percentages for this area?
Do i have to back track for suspended paid royalties (was told in 2009 money was being held in suspension)
Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Linda- if there is money in suspense, it sounds like your acreage is HBP (Held by production). If that’s the case, you wouldn’t be able to sign a new lease.



Hi Courtney,
Thanks for the reply. I didnt list all the details regarding this situation because it was rather messy and i have it all figured out for the most part. My questions i asked were more for me because i wanted to verify a few things ( answers given to me already) because i do not trust the people 100% due to the situation ( i mean 9 yrs is a VERY long time to be fighting this out!) There is a reason for the suspension (not going into details) and I am in fact going to be signing a lease (again i wanted to verify outside of the people i have been dealing with). So that is why i asked who was leasing here, if the suspended payment was passed down thru the other companies (which i have been told it was and waiting) and what the going rates were (because i was told to “negotiate my lease”) I know its hard to give proper information with out the whole picture, basically just was trying to verify what has been told to me before i sign or do anything.