Who is drilling well off Eckermann Rd


What oil company is drilling the well off Eckermann Rd. how do I contact them about the lease. I own land that according to the RRC web site the well runs right through my property. My land is leased but should someone contact me about the well being drilled since it goes through my property? Not sure if I need to do anything or not.



Geosouthern has a few pads in that area, Verdun also recently permitted a well in that area. Who did you lease to? Notifying the mineral owners is generally not required, only the surface owners on where they are actually rigged up would require some sort of notification.


Barry, if I can get this new site to work the link that’s below should take you to the plat Verdun filed with RRC for the Somme #1H. It shows 67 acres of your tract is in the 526 acre drilling unit they formed. They don’t have to notify you unless you have a clause in your lease requiring them to sent you drilling reports. If your lease isn’t with Verdun you might want to contact the company you are leased to and ask if your lease has been assigned to Verdun.

There isn’t anything you need to do. If the well is completed Verdun will send you a division order to sign.




Barry Smith


I’ve heard from a Enervest employee it’s Black Brush.