Who is drilling here?

Would anyone know what company is drilling on section 2 township,12n,range 7w. Is that Chapperal ?

Chaparral Energy LLC has the permit for a horizontal well for section 2-12N-7W You can look it up on the OCC well records site. Use 0212N07W in the location box. The Sanford well is in 2. The Foraker 1207 wells go into 11.

Thank you. Been getting offers for rights but i am not getting any paper work from chaparral for what i own. And cannot get a hold of them.

I keep getting offers from companies stating that i have interests in this section. When i contact them they state there records show that i don’t. I have asked them why i get these letters and they say probably because i was noticed on corporation commission files and people watch those like a hawk and will contact people directly from those lists and they confirm title before they pay any money and that’s usually when they find out if someone actually owns an interest. Now i am not getting any bills or checks from any wells in this section . Does this mean i really have nothing there and are they telling me the truth? Please help…

When I get those calls, I ask where they got my name and why they think that I have minerals.

You may be a descendent of someone with minerals or the beneficiary of a trust.
Look up cases 201806891 and 6892 on the OCC website and look up all the respondents. See if you know any of them. OAP

When I ran a search on Randall Ogden, your name comes up.

You can go to Canadian County Clerk search for relatives or run a search by description. This may give you some clues.

I checked with a contact I have at Chaparral. The Division Order Title Opinion for the SANFORD 1207 1SMH-2 well in Sec. 2 12N 7W does not have you listed. That means their title attorney found no evidence that you own minerals in that section. This is still not 100% conclusive because they do make mistakes. However, the attorney should have been furnished with all the information that led to your name being placed on the list in the first place so I think it’s highly unlikely you own any minerals in that section. As to why you got the notice, In our family’s case, I have seen notices sent to every person they could find an address for anywhere in the United States who had the same name as one of our family members. One time my son even got a check from an oil company for production in a section near one of ours. When I researched it, I did find an owner with the same name who had owned the minerals for 40 years or so before our son was born.
Hope this helps.

Thanks very much . I have got letters from 3 different companies but like you stated probably nothing there. Thanks again.

Just as an FYI let me tell you what happened to us. My parents had all there minerals in a Trust along with their properties. On two of the properties, as stated in the Trust documents, my parents didn’t own the minerals. At the time of my parent’s death, the Trust attorney had the Successor Co-Trustees deed the minerals for ALL the properties to the children even though the Trust documents clearly stated that there were no minerals on those two properties. The Trust Attorney said he did that to protect us in case there were any unclaimed minerals out there. Note: At the time this was done, no research was done for us to know just how many acres of minerals we had on each property. As a side note, some of the mineral acres that my parents put down in the Trust document was wrong. They got confused about what they really owned because they forgot they sold some of the minerals. What the Trust Attorney did on deeding the minerals to the children resulted in us receiving notification on two sections that we don’t even own minerals in because that is the way it is recorded at the court house.

You can research this through the court house records. Let me say that when I started my research, I knew nothing and with the help of this website and You Tube, I figured out how to do my own research all the way back to when the US Patient on the land was issued. It took time and it was a struggle for me, but I was able to do my own research. The amount of minerals I inherited was not worth enough to hire someone to do the research. I just wanted to share this information. Thank you.

Thanks all for the help. They sure make it confusing to people who are not sure what they have .Another thing i have noticed is not many companies want to purchase a working interest. I have paper work for one and it is like they run the other way when you mention it.

Foraker wells in 2-12N-7W hit the news in www.okenergytoday.com Nice free newsletter.
Chaparral reports more than 9,000 barrels of oil from 9 wells in Canadian County – Oklahoma Energy Today

Thanks Martha for the info and all you do here.