Who has the mineral rights?

I entered into a land contract with my previous landlord last June. It is a 10 year contract. She called me this morning and said that a gas drilling had contacted her and they are interested in drilling on my property. She said I could either sign to subordinate now and she would split the royalties with me until the property is paid off, then I would have to split them with her. If I did not sign, she would take all the royalties and after the property is paid the royalties would belong to me.She seems to be in a big hurry to get me to sign. Is she even entitled to the mineral rights? The land contract says nothing about the mineral rights.

You didn’t say the state in which the property is located, but in Texas the language of the contract will control. Whatever state your property is located in, you need to find an experienced oil and gas attorney to advise you in this matter.

Jim (attorney in Dallas)

Thank you so very much for your replies… I live in Pennsylvania if that helps anybody with further responses… Thanks again!

Also, my land contract has already been recorded so I don’t really understand why the gas company contacted her and not me…