Who drilled the Haney Wells

Need information on 2 wells in Howard County Tx that have horizontal legs under section 44, Haney 44-53 A Unit L1H,Haney 44-53 A Unit A1-H. I own minerals in section 44. Thanks

Hello poppachuck, looks like both wells were completed recently. Your Section 44 is also known as Abstract (A-1173).
The well API numbers are L1H 42-227-40809, and for A 1H 42-227-40808. There is some production listed for Feb. 2021. Not sure if you had this info or were looking for something else.

Can’t find these wells on TRC ? Should ave division orders by now?

The wells do show up on the RRC map. The bottom holes are located in A-68 approximately at 32.400N 101.313W. Division Orders often take 3 to 4 months after first production which was in February 2021.

Please tell me what company drilled the Haney wells? Thanks

The Drilling Permit for the Haney wells lists High Peak Energy Holdings, LLC as the operator who applied for the permit. RRC Operator # 385826.