Who bought SPC oil especially in Eddy County?

I was getting monthly royalty checks from SPC Resources out of Artesia, N.M. After January of this year they stopped cold and nobody answers their former phone number. I’ve heard they were purchased by some other company. I’d like to get the checks they owe me!! Does anyone know who bought that company (or merged with it or whatever) AND their contact information? They are other people in the same boat I know. If you are just guessing, say so. I need solid contact information for this new company. Thanks, L. Barker

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That’s kind of scary to just disappear. Who is maintaining the wells. What if tanks run over

I believe that they were acquired by Permian Resources out of Midland. I guess their website would be the place to start under owners

I’m in the same spot I called that Permian company out of Midland and they said they have no idea what I was talking about does anybody have any new information

Have you tried contacting SPC’s parent company, Santo Petroleum? https://santopetroleum.com/

I’m sure someone is watching the wells and tanks they cant be operating unattended. Go put locks on gates tell them to call u

Trespassing onto a surface owners land and interfering with production would not be a good idea…

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Here is link to NM OCD - Contact for SPC Resources LLC is Permian Resources in Midland. Note that there are contact emails and phone numbers for people at Permian who will know about SPC. https://wwwapps.emnrd.nm.gov/OCD/OCDPermitting/Operators/Search/OperatorDetails.aspx?Operator=372262

Letting them haul off your oil don’t sound right either. Get the sheriff to lock gates til someone finds a check

Since people don’t seem to be able to find out how to contact Permian Resources out of Midland Texas, here is the into I found. I posted that my payments from SPC out of Artesia, N.M. had stopped after January. They only pay after the royalty reaches $100. After taking over from SPC, Permian Resources sent one check in April to my mineral manager’s address in Colorado instead of my home. I put in a new address form and corrected the problem. They had me on their lists, had assigned me an owner number etc. SO if you were getting paid by SPC then Permian Resources should have your info. Contact their owner relations number 888-550-8876 or contact permianres@ownerrelationssupport.com Good luck!


Nice work. Does the emergency number listed for spc work. If not they need to update

What if it was 10,000 dollars and u had that money spent. Sometimes the operator just disappears.