Who bought Nobel energy rights?

I signed 2 leases with Nobel Energy in March 2015, both for 5 years. Does anyone know who Nobel sold their interests to? I think it might have been CNX.

CNX, at least in parts of WV.

yes, but consol has traded them again… at lest round the shrilly pad… and from what i’m getting the well’s are in production… funny how nobody with rights are being notified? i called consol… was informed well’s up all around mid Tyler co.

I don’t know what any of the pads are called. Wonder if there’s any way to search and see if my lease is involved in any production? If it is, I should be getting royalties. I don’t have a large interest: just enough to get $4000 for the 5 year lease, but anything I get would be great.

Do you know the County?

Tyler County

You can search the Tyler county records here [CSSI](http://Document inquiry) Select Tyler for the county. Select Index search. You can enter “Noble Energy” and search for assignments of leases. See if you can find your lease, to see if it has been assigned. Do you know where your lease is located (district, tax map parcel number)?

I haven’t heard of Nobel Permian selling any of their interests to anyone. They are still buying up mineral rights all over the Delaware basin west of the Pecos river in Reeves, Culberson, and Hudspeth counties.

But that’s Texas, not West Virginia.

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