Who are the best, most reputable mineral managers?

I have been trying to help my cousin find a financial/bank/management institution to manage my other cousin's (his brother) minerals. Many banks and trust departments do not want the liability and most won't deal with working interests. This cousin needs help and cannot manage the minerals himself, but wants to keep them. Does anyone know of a knowledgeable institution, who, at least, is willing to negotiate decent oil and gas leases on their client's behalf?


I suggest you get in contact with Gary L Hutchinson Minerals Management @ 303)279-4113


Gary is a respected member of this Forum.

Managing mineral rights west of Mississippi since 1981 Many of my recent clients have inherited minerals, want a fair deal but dont know the business. I use geology, engineering and economics to establish negotiating strength.. I use a lease form developed over years of experience that potects land owners' rights. My fees are based on successful contracts which I manage for the long term. Mineral acreage must exceed a reasonable minimum. Most clients come to me through large law firms. References available. Huge data base on oil & gas at my disposal.. Gary L. Hutchinson 303-279-4113 gary.hutchinson@comcast.net

Clint Liles

I would check with several mineral managers, It looks to me like Gary Hutchinson contributes here as a way to advertise for free, you can tell. Bank of America, Wells Fargo have units within them for estate and mineral management, Buddy Cotten would also be one I'd check with to do management. From everything I have seen mineral management cost is seldom financially beneficial and most will pay out more for the management than they save or make.


Thanks for the nice words. I am near the top with my traditional work and could not take a client who had working interest positions in those areas. To do it right, a petroleum engineer and petroleum accountant would likely be needed to be in the mix as well.

Linn Willers at Wells Fargo has helped me with some questions in the past.

Linn Willers
Vice President Wells Fargo Bank
Trust Oil, Gas & Minerals

George Hite in Houston at Hite & Associates is a petroleum engineer and handles these types of things. 713-654-4141. http://hiteinc.com/

Thank you all for providing some names to help one or more of our family members manage our mineral interests. The majority of our family members want to continue to invest in working interests, but one or two cousins simply want to create leases and have them managed for them. In addition, I am meeting number of people who are asking me for referrals to minerals managers, attorneys and landmen, so if any personable & competent managers, like Gary Hutchinson, need or want clients, please feel free to let me know.

Also contact Acaval Land Company out of Schulenburg Texas. 979-743-4602

I have dealt with Gary hutchinson and find him to honest and straight forward.

george Leeper

Thank you George! I have spoken with Gary and a few others. Gary is very personable, knowledgeable and explains things well. I'm hoping that he will train others to work with families as well as he seems to, since our family will be involved in the oil and gas business for years to come.