Who are BCF Partners and why do they want to buy my mineral rights?

Has anyone heard of BCF Partners Capital II, LLC? I received an offer from them, but found they’ve only been in business for one year. Also, looking for thoughts on the offer. It’s in Weld County, Colorado; for only a portion of the acres I own at $12031.10, and then it says 12.5% royalty interest. I’m not sure what all this means. I inherited the rights and the rest of my fathers family doesn’t really talk to us.

They are a buyer of mineral rights. The 12.5% (1/8th) refers to the royalty interest which is probably from an old lease. Many mineral buyers buy ahead of the bit if they think there will be a good chance of more drilling in the near future. Some buyers just want current production. Most only pay for current production with a discount factor for the time value of money. They don’t pay for future royalties because that is where they (or you) will make their profit.

If you just inherited, then learn what you own, if you are in pay status on any wells and what the future potential might be. In my experience, generic letters to buy have been well below the actual value of my minerals.

I moved your question over to Weld County where CO folks may be able to help you better. If you post your location, they can help you with websites and potential activity in the area.

This group was formed by the Principle leadership team, they’ve been buying in Weld for years. Did yall recently do a Determination of Heirship? It looks like Civitas has drilled a few wells in your section and has permits for a few more.

They want your royalties.

Ok, so I have been receiving royalties. But, the confusing thing is, my family that sold couldn’t prove they owned as many NMA as is shown in the will. I own in 6N66W section 26 according to the will. But I am receiving royalties from wells in sections 34, 27, 25, 35, 36 and in 6N65W sections 30 and 31. They are trying to tell me I own 1.88 when the determination of heirship shows 8.888889 and PDC shows that as well.

North.pdf (1.5 MB)

See attached map, sorry was looking at the wrong section. The Seeley Federal wells space 6N-65W-30/31 and 6N-66W-25, probably just clipping your acreage. The Beebe wells space 6N-66W-26/27/34/35. Maybe they mean that is your acreage in one or both of those units, but there is room for more wells in the SE your section.

Is there somewhere that lists the owners of the well?

Attached is the pooling application, but PDC will have a more recent title opinion so whatever they say goes

191000630_SRCApp.PDF (1009.1 KB)

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